Zippos Circus Brighton Review


On Saturday afternoon we did something for the first time as a family – we had an afternoon out at the circus! I actually can’t remember the last time I went to one. I’m pretty sure it had clowns which is probably why I haven’t been to one since! However Zippos Circus is not like a normal circus. There are no clowns, well ok there might be one but more on that later. This was Clems first time at a circus and I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed it. If she was old enough she would probably be running off right now to learn how to be a trapeze artist.

As soon as we entered the big top I was immediately drawn in, the smell of popcorn and candy floss filling the air.

Zippos Circus

Every year Zippos puts on a new show, this years is called Jigit, which means brave and skillful. As we were shown to our seats the excitement set in. The lights went down, and from nowhere appeared a clown next to me! Arrghhh! However he was no ordinary clown, he actually reminded me a lot of Lee Evans. He was funny, and Clem loved him. He got the crowd going, as the ringmaster came in. The second act was probably Clems favourite of the show. She has not stopped talking about her. She keeps telling everyone about the swinging lady she saw. At one point she was hanging from the trapeze by just her heels with no safety net or ropes!

trapeze artist zippos circus

From contortionists, knife and axe throwing, illuminated hula hooping, foot juggling with fire, a flying man, the Cossack horses and the finale with the Lucius Team in the Globe of Death – Zippos Circus has it all. Now I will admit that before hand I had seen some things on social media asking people to boycott the show due to the use of animals. But I can safely say the horses are in no way mistreated. You can see them after the show, and the circus is very transparent on its animal welfare and the way the animals are cared for.

Thrilling Entertainment!

Overall the show was amazing! At times I held my breath, mostly when the 5 motorbikes entered the wire cage and it split in half!! Having seen a wall of death at a fun fair a few years ago this was far more impressive. We were kindly invited along to review the show. But with two shows daily until September 3rd there is still time to get your tickets. Sneaky tip – look on their social media channels as there might be a little discount code on there. Zippos Circus is located on Hove Lawns, right next to the King Alfred leisure centre so it’s not hard to miss.

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