5 Books We’ve Been Reading at Bedtime


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We always read a book before bedtime, these are the ones we’ve been reading recently.

1 – Sugarlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson. Clem loves touching this book. I realise that sounds a bit strange but every page has something on it that is glittery. The book is about a rocking horse whose wishes for adventure are granted by a unicorn. Each wish, though, leaves the rocking horse unfulfilled. Fortunately, the rocking horse does eventually find happiness and a role he is suited to.

2 – Pass It On by Sophy Henn. We’ve reviewed this before but it still remains a favourite at bedtime. Clem is always attracted to the front cover and lovely illustrations.

3 – This is not a Bedtime Story* by Will Mabbitt and Fred Blunt. Despite the name we have been reading this at bedtime. Opps. However it is a different take on a bedtime story. It’s all about a little girl called Sophie who doesn’t want the boring normal bedtime stories that her dad usually reads to her. She’s fed up of kittens and princess instead she wants a story of rocket launching helicopters and a giant robot dinosaur. In the end Sophie actually ends up telling the story herself. I really enjoyed this, whilst its maybe a little bit grown up for Clem she enjoyed looking at the pictures and making dinosaur sounds. It’s a great alternative for a bedtime story and it’s great for both boys and girls.
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4 – Hey Duggee Follow That Egg. We are getting ready for Easter with this one. Clem absolutely loves Duggee so this is always a good choice. One of the baby chicks is having trouble hatching from his egg and goes on the run! Duggee and the rest of the squirrel club set off after it. A fun story with good characters and colourful illustrations.

5 – Shapes with Peppa Pig. Although this doesn’t have an actual story in it, it’s more about learning the shapes I like to make up one as we go through the book. That way Clem actually pays attention.

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Do you have any favourite books to read at bedtime? I’d love to know, we are always on the look out for new ones to check out.

*We were sent a copy of this book to review however all views are our own.

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