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Getting organised and being more productive is something that I often struggle with. I am always making to-do lists, both daily and weekly. It’s the only way I can get things done. I was recently sent a daily goals setter from Mal Paper to help me be more productive.

Mal Paper aim to help people with daily productivity, positivity and motivation. The goal setter has a hardback cover, 244 pages and comes with 2 divider ribbons and a document folder. It allows you to do 6 month’s worth of planning, long, medium and short-term goal lists, monthly, weekly and daily views and it is undated so you can use it throughout the year.

inside of goal setter showing 2 pages. Lined with text

One of the things I really like about this goals setter is the fact you can break them down into short, medium and long-term. The planner also enables you to write daily gratitude lists, both for the morning and the evening. You can also rate your day out of 10. It also allows you to look back over the week/month/ and see what you did and didn’t achieve.

Goals are the fundamental key to success.

Goals will establish an outcome that will serve as a focus for your actions. They must be inspiring and compelling to you, so it’s important to write effective and precise goals. But how can you do this? By using the S.M.A.R.T method you can set your goals and achieve them.

  • Specific : Be as detailed and specific as you can be. Don’t just write “I want to make money”, write “I want to make x amount more than last year”
  • Measurable : Again it’s all about being specific. Don’t say write a blog post, say write 3 blog posts.
  • Achievable : Dream big but also stay realistic. Results don’t happen overnight. If your goals are unachievable that can have a negative impact on you.
  • Relevant : Make sure your goal is relevant to you. Ask yourself why you want to achieve the goal, how will it improve your life?
  • Timely : Set yourself a timeline, and this is where the planner really comes in handy. Decide what your long-term goal is and then break that down into medium and short term ones.

I have only been using the planner for a few days now but already I am feeling more motivated and focused. If you are someone who really struggles to achieve your goals then I can highly recommend this planner. It is available from Mal Paper, and is priced at £20.95.

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