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This week is National Stationery Week 😀 For anyone that doesn’t know me, I am obsessed with stationery. I have been ever since I was a little girl. If we ever went anywhere that had a gift shop I would always buy a pencil or a pen. One of my favourite things to do as a child was to pick out my new pencil-case for the start of school, and obviously a new pencil-case means new pens and everything else to go in it! As I’ve got older my obsession hasn’t disappeared, in fact it got a lot worse when I worked in Paperchase. Sadly I left that job after having Clem but it doesn’t mean my love for all things stationery has gone. Oh no, I still pop in all the time and get excited over the new ranges.

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It’s not just Paperchase that fuels my obsession, oh no there are quite a few places on the high-street that I like to look at for stationery. Tiger is another favourite, and is definitely cheaper than Paperchase. It’s also great for kids arts and crafts bit, we recently got Clem some really good chunky colouring crayons and colouring books. We recently got a new Wilko store in town which I have to say is really good as well. I knew it was good for home bits and bobs but I picked up some cute little shaped sticky notes which will fit nicely into a planner or something. Everything in the picture below is Tiger (notebooks and paperclips) or Wilko (sticky notes), Tiger change their stock quite frequently so it’s worth popping in every few weeks. I went in today and found an entire window set up as an ice-cream/sprinkle wonderland, I just wanted to buy the whole lot! I resisted though and only came away with a few bits.

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I must admit I’m not a big buyer of stationery from online stores, and that’s mainly because I like to see and feel the quality of the paper/product. My biggest weakness is definitely notebooks, I have 2 drawers full of empty ones, all too pretty to actually write in. See, I told you I had a problem! I did actually buy a blog planner from Personal Planner which arrived this week and I was really surprised by it. You could personalise it a lot from picking your layout, cover, colours and extras. I’ve seen a lot of people, mainly my friend Leanne who has an Erin Condren Life planner which looks amazing, talk about their planners and layouts and stickers. I’m hoping that by having a blog specific one I will be a bit more organised with my blogging. If you have a planner then check out Leannes post all about her favourite places to get planner stickers from.

Stationery Love

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I could literally go on for days about my obsession. I once had to do a talk on the stationery section when I was at Paperchase as part of team training, I waffled on for so long, looking back I feel sorry for the people who had to sit through that! Sorry guys. I’ve even subscribed to a monthly stationery box which is amazing! So far I haven’t been disappointed with a single box.

Is anyone else as obsessed as me? I can’t be alone in this. Where are your favourite places to get bits from? Do you have any stores online or high-street that you think I should check out. Please let me know in the comments. I haven’t been to London for a while now but the next time I go, the one place I am definitely heading to is Kikki K in Covent Garden, it looks great.

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