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Last week was National Stationery Week and as I have previously mentioned I am a big fan of stationery. I was recently contacted by Old English Company who asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few products. Now I will admit that I had not previously heard of them but as soon as I looked at the website I fell in love. They offer products including homewares, prints, pins and stationery, which are all hand-lettered and made in England.

I had quite a hard time trying to decide what to pick, but in the end I decided on a print, planner, notebook, some greeting cards and an enamel pin. We have recently redecorated our hallway and are planning a gallery wall so the print should fit in perfectly with that. The prints are mostly black and white, and some can be personalised. I decided on the hello print in black as I think this will stand out more against our white wall. I just need to get a frame for it now, but I am really impressed by the quality of it.

When it comes to stationery notebooks and planners are definitely my weakness.

I have so many that I really didn’t need any more but I couldn’t resist getting one of each. I decided to go for the notebook with You Rock on the front. It’s always nice to have a little encouragement when you are suffering from a self-doubt. It is a hard back notebook which has a thick cover with wiro bounding and an elastic strap. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to paper quality and thickness, and this notebook seems nice.

I also picked out two greeting cards, one saying b awesome and another saying you are my sunshine. I actually like putting cards and postcards in frames as well, so I might do that with them. Our colour scheme on the stairs is black, white and mustard so they will fit perfectly with that. Or I might just save them for someones birthday.

old english company notebook, card, enamel pin

The planner is undated which is perfect for me, because as much as I would like to be organised I am not. I stop and start a lot. So having one that is undated is really handy. It also means it doesn’t matter when you buy it as you haven’t lost half of the year. Each page has a checklist which again is super handy as I love lists. I cannot get through a day without writing one. I have also recently taken on a little extra work so trying to juggle my blog with working and parenting has been a bit difficult. The only downside is that the planner only has 248 pages so it’s not quite 1 page a day.

The last item I picked from Old English Company was an enamel pin. I am slightly pin obsessed and this one is a great addition to my collection. Everyone likes ice cream, especially me, I even have a tattoo of it on my arm. Again, there were quite a few to pick from and I did struggle. Delivery was pretty quick as well, which is always a bonus. Overall I am really impressed with the quality of all the products, and I will definitely be placing another order soon.

For the purpose of this review I was sent the products, however all words and thoughts are my own.

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