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One of the first things I wanted to sort out when we moved into our new home was a space to call my own. A little area where I could put a desk, set up my laptop, do some crafting. Finally I have that – yay! No more sitting on the sofa on my laptop. So I’ve decided to put together a little wish list of things to go on my desk. The top is covered in chalkboard paint so I can scribble down notes anytime I need to. The first thing I needed was a chair and I’ve actually bought this one. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Blogging space wish list

wish list part 1

As you can probably tell I am really enjoying the metal wire frame trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment. The magazine rack and basket are actually from H&M home section, and the light is from the same website the chair is from.

wish list part 2

The lamp is from Made.com and I’ve actually ordered that as well. The rest of the items I definitely have my eye on. You can see more of my inspiration on my Pinterest page. I have boards for home office inspiration, stationery and more. The print contains one of my favourite quotes, and they are all over etsy and pinterest. It’s always good to have a little motivation in front of you. I found the notebooks on Etsy, and considering my addiction to stationery, getting a new desk is the perfect chance for a few new bits. Once I’ve got everything together, I will do another post incuding a little desk tour.

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  1. Yay to getting your own blogging space! I love your wish list, I have that same lamp from made.com and its a beauty 🙂 Im so loving the wire basket trend at the moment too, I cant wait to see the end result and reveal 🙂 Great post thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

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