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As I have already mentioned several times before on the blog, we moved house at the end of last year. We’ve gone from a flat with a living room, small kitchen and two bedroom to a Victorian terraced house. We are slowly starting to make the house our own, and redecorate each room. I recently put together a little wish list for my blogging space, so I’ve decided to do another one for our new living room.

living room wish list sofa drawers rug

  1. Light – Cult Furniture
  2. Rug – Rug Seller
  3. Chest of drawers – Cult furniture
  4. Sofa – Made

Having recently redecorated the lounge, the colour scheme is teal, grey and black so these drawers I found are perfect. I really like the mis-matched handles and sizes of the drawers. It would also provide the ideal storage for these Panasonic CD Speakers. My partner is a big fan of technology. He always has to have the latest console, or gadget and will spend hours researching a product before buying it. I am a big fan of music and I still have a lot of CD’s.

Yet for some reason we don’t actually have a CD player to play them on. So this would be amazing, especially as you can also connect it to Spotify and the radio. I love the idea of being able to play music in any room. Whilst it does seem expensive, as you do need to buy the speakers separately it would definitely be a worth while investment.

We are in desperate need of a new sofa, one of the arms of ours is almost falling off! I love the button detail on this one, plus the colour is perfect. Our carpet is definitely looking a little beaten up so this rug would do a good job of covering that up until we can replace it. Whilst the pink doesn’t really go with anything else in our living room, I think it would work. The light actually featured in my blogging space list, but I think it would fit in the living room better.

If you would like to see more of my inspiration, you can find it on my Pinterest page. I’m slowly building up boards for all the rooms in the house. The bathroom and kitchen will be next.

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own

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  1. Brilliant wish list. I love all the items that you’ve picked here and I adore the colour scheme. And I think the pink in the rug will work perfectly. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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