AD – Learning to Swim with Swimfin


We were currently working with Swimfin and we were sent both of the products in the post for the purpose of this review.

As a family I can definitely say that we are all fans of the water and swimming. Whenever we have gone on holiday a swimming pool has always been high on the list of requirements. If there is a waterpark close by then even better. We have been taking Clem swimming ever since she was a baby, and although she doesn’t do proper lessons we go most weekends.

We were recently sent a Swimfin for her to try out. I was really excited about this as we have been trying to get Clem to ditch the armbands for a while now. The Swimfin is suitable for children ages 2 years and above. SwimFin is a teaching aid, flotation device and fun water toy all in one. It should be worn high on the back, above the centre of gravity. This way it will ‘suspend’ the child in the water – it will not tip a child forward if worn correctly. As you can see in the photos it comes with two straps which are adjustable to the fin can fit any size.

Mummy, you can throw my armbands in the bin, I love my swimfin!

This was our first time properly trying the Swimfin, and although Clem was a bit nervous about not having her armbands she soon got over it. Our local pool has a shallow lagoon area which was perfect for getting used to wearing the fin. Within about 10 minutes of getting into the pool she was off and swimming. Arm bands are quite restrictive which is why we were keen to try and get her to stop using them. The Swimfin has definitely helped with that.

After just one session of using the fin Clem seems a lot more confident in the water, and with swimming. She was also happy that it didn’t stop her from jumping in. On the way home I asked her what she would give it out of 10 and she said 100 so I think that’s pretty good!

We were also sent some funky floaties, which are a set of 4 pool toys that float. The floaties are made of soft stretchy neoprene fabric and are UV and water resistant. They also come in a draw-string mesh bag. We’ve used these a few times now, and they hare good as well. We were gently throwing them in the pool, then Clem would swim to them. We will definitely be taking both the swimfin and the toys with us every time we go swimming.

Did your child use armbands? If they did how did you get them to stop? The swimfin is availabe in several different colours and is priced at £24.99. The funky floaties are £9.99. You can also buy spare straps, swim hats and dive sticks.

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