A Few of my Favourites – 2


I’m back with another round-up of my favourite things from the last month. I’ve been finding a lot of new blogs to read and Instagram accounts to follow this month which is great.


The World of Blogging

Jemma who blogs over at Dorkface has set a Social media challenge which I think is a great idea. Especially if, like me, you are looking at improving your social media presence.

The other week whilst I was going through our local WH Smith trying to avoid the children’s magazine section I noticed Blogosphere Magazine on the shelf. I’d seen a few people talking about it on twitter so I decided to buy it. I had a good chance to sit down and read it the other day and there are loads of bloggers and blogs in it which is great as I always love finding new blogs to read.

Tigerlillyquinn went to the Isles of Scilly and it looked amazing. I had no idea just how pretty the islands are, and they aren’t even that far away.

Tattooed Tealady has come up with an Instagram challenge for this month for mamas. Check out the #ttlmaymamachallenge on Instagram for all the posts. It is a great way to find other mamas, which is always good.



Game of Thrones is back!! Woo hoo! I love it, I’ve never read the books and to be honest as much as I would love to I don’t think I have the time. They are long. I just wish the tv series was a little longer than 10 episodes a season. The year-long wait between seasons is tough!

One of the tv shows that I always watch is Masterchef. I love seeing all the crazy dishes and ingredients they cook with. I’ve been cooking a lot more lately, nothing like they’ve been doing but it’s nice to look at all the yummy food. Although if I hear confit duck egg once more I might scream!

One of my all time favourite movies – The Craft turned 20 this week! I suddenly feel really old. I was obsessed with that film when it came out.

General Life

My friend Leanne who I have mentioned a few times is currently raising money for The Stroke Association after her Dad had two strokes at the beginning of the year. Leanne is crocheting purple flowers to raise money. She is doing an amazing thing, for an amazing organisation. Go over and check out her post if you would like to donate and get a lovely crochet flower.

The other day we made a super yummy and really easy dinner – slow cooked bbq beef brisket. It was so good, I’m hoping to get a blog post up with a recipe next week. brisket favourites

I am loving the weather, t’s been lovely the last few days. I’m sure I will jinx it now (sorry if I do!) but hopefully it will stay nice for this weekend. Clem has even been playing in shorts and t-shirts! Is it finally time to put away the coats and wellie boots?

We don’t have a proper holiday planned for this year and these photos of the Maldives really aren’t helping. It looks so nice.

May is a busy month, we are off to Brighton this weekend, then North Devon for a week and then we have family coming to stay with us at the end of the month. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my fundraising page, and for all your support. 🙂 I definitely want a recipe for the beef brisket, looks amazing!

    1. No problem, well done on raising so much money. It was really good, and super easy to do. Hopefully I’ll get it up this week.x

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