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Last month I took part in a little Instagram challenge. Set up by Chelle and Brighton Mums, the overall theme for the month was BrightoninMay. Each day had a different prompt, and although I didn’t complete every day I did most. May is a busy month for Brighton, as I wrote about in this post. As well as the fringe and festival, Foodies Festival takes place on Hove Lawns. Also every weekend throughout the month local artists open their studios and homes to the public. So if you are thinking of visiting Brighton then May is a very good month to pick!

brightoninmay instagram challenge prompts

I really enjoyed doing this, and although technically I live in Hove I still go into Brighton a lot. We also got together for a little photo walk along the seafront which was really nice. I am usually pretty terrible at social situations where I don’t know people but I went along and everyone was really nice. We all met for breakfast before which was lovely, and somewhere I hadn’t been before. The Set is a restaurant in Regency Square, right opposite the i360, and it was really nice. It’s actually been on my list for a while, so I was really happy that we were meeting there. I picked buckwheat pancakes, with caramel miso bananas, banana cream and toasted cocoa nibs for just £5.50 and they were really tasty.

banana pancakes table setting the set restaurant brighton

So here are my favourite photos from the brightoninmay challenge. It was really nice seeing the city through other people’s eyes, especially as we haven’t lived here that long really.

The first one was taken at this years Foodies Festival. This year it was super hot so we didn’t actually spend a huge amount of time there. But we did try some yummy food and found time to pose in front of this fab flower wall. One of my favourite things about Brighton is all the colourful houses, these are on Kemp Street right in the centre of town. Definitely one of the most iconic parts of Brighton is the pier. Clem loves going on it, pushing 2ps into the machines and last time we went on she discovered the huge soft play at the end. I guess I know where we are going next rainy day!

The fourth photo isn’t from Brighton, this one was for the friends prompt. I actually don’t have many friends in Brighton, they either live in London or Surrey. The person jumping from the top of the steel cage is my best friend, she is a female wrestler and is awesome! Last year she broke her ankle in a match and was out for almost a year. She has done a few matches since returning but this was by far her biggest one. It was the biggest women’s wrestling event in Europe. I went with my other best friend and it was great. It’s just a shame that I live in Brighton because I would be at every show that Eve do.

One of the shows from the Brighton Festival that I had tickets for was to see Amanda Palmer. I have seen her several times before, both solo and with her band The Dresden Dolls. Her shows are usually smaller, more intimate so to see her in the Brighton Dome was interesting. It was sit down gig as well which was nice. I could actually see the stage, and no one was taking photos or filming which was really nice. Everyone was just enjoying the evening. During the interval she went on a little wander with her ukulele which is when I managed to get this photo. She ended up standing on the seats right in front of us.

So these are my top photos from the brightoninmay challenge. You can check out everyone else’s photos from the month here.

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