Carters Steam Fair, Woking


Last weekend Carters Steam Fair came to Woking for its annual visit. I grew up in the village where Carters is actually based and I can remember going to it when I was little. I used to love going on the swinging boats.

There’s something about fairs that I really like, the sounds, the smells and the lights. In North Devon we used to get a really big fair come to town every September. It has a lot of modern rides unlike Carters Steam Fair which is a traditional vintage steam fair. As soon as you get close to it you can hear the old style music and smell the candy floss.  

This was the first time I’d been during the day and although you couldn’t see all the lights flashing the rides looked wonderful. The artwork and signage is amazing, the detail on some of the rides is insane and hand painted! They even offer lessons in how to do sign writing at their base in Maidenhead. The rides have been beautifully restored and are all in great working condition.

Clem is still a bit young for most of the rides but she managed to have a few rides on one of them. We also couldn’t resist getting an ice cream from the cute little ice cream van. The candyfloss was very tempting.

If Carters Steam Fair visits your area then I can highly recommend going along. There is something for all ages.

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