Edie by Sophy Henn – Book Review


We were recently sent a beret secret parcel from the lovely Sarah at Puffin and Ladybird books. I had absolutely no idea what was coming so it was a lovely surprise when I opened the parcel. Not only did it contain a beautiful hardback copy of Edie the new book from Sophy Henn. But it also came with 2 balls of wool, pompom makers and a gorgeous hand-made beret from Lala and pom. Now I am not joking when I say I wish this hat would fit me. It is beautiful and exactly the same as what Edie wears in the book. It also happens to have the most amazing unicorn fabric on the inside.

Hello! My name is Edie. I am EVER so helpful.

We are already big fans of Sophy’s other books, so Clem was excited when Edie arrived. As we started to read the book, I began noticing a lot of similarities to a certain little girl. It’s almost as if Sophy has been spying on our house! Edie likes to be helpful, from waking mummy and daddy in the morning, to getting herself dressed and putting away the shopping. Even helping with tidying away toys, however not everything always goes to plan as you can see in the photo below. I don’t think redecorating the hall was a good idea.

We also happened to notice a little cameo or two from a certain little bear that Clem is also a fan of. We absolutely loved this book and it will definitely be one that we read again and again. As well as the book and the hat, there were also two balls of wool and some pom-pom makers. Now if anyone is as old as me you will probably remember making pom poms using two circles made out of cardboard, well now you can buy pom-pom makers, and they are great. I actually already own a set of them, so can add the two I got here to my collection. I am actually planning a whole post on making pom poms soon so I won’t go into massive detail but they are super easy to make.

If you are interested in checking out Edie yourself, then it is out now. We were sent a copy of the book for the purpose of this review but all thoughts are my own.

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