A Few of my Favourite Things 3


Regular readers of the blog might have noticed I’ve been trying to do a round-up of my favourite things for the month, be it TV/film/fashion/music/food/blogging related things. So here is my third post on my favourite things.

Favourite things 3

Favourite Things – Blogging

♥  TheLondoner always posts amazing travel and food posts. Her Mykonos posts lately have me longing for a trip back to Greece. Mykonos is an island I’ve always wanted to visit.

♥  Norway and Sweden are other places that have always been on my list of places to visit, so this post on IslandLiving365 has made me want to go to Norway even more. Her photos are amazing and it looks like a beautiful place to visit.

♥  Dorkface wrote a great post on easy ways to support your favourite bloggers. She also runs #thegirlgang which is fab. I’ve now taken part in two of the twitter chats – 6pm on Mondays and everyone has been super friendly and nice.

♥ I also accidentally gatecrashed the #tribalchat twitter chat and have found a wonderful bunch of bloggers from that, including people going to #BML16 so hopefully I won’t be so nervous going to that now.

Favourite Things TV/Film/Music

♥ Game of Thrones continues to be amazing! Don’t worry you won’t find any spoilers here, but seriously if you haven’t watched this then you should.

♥ Becky Bedbug wrote a lovely post saying goodbye to Funeral for a Friend. I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets for their farewell shows and I was gutted, although I probably would have just spent the whole time in tears and screaming along to every song.

♥ Whilst I was staying at my mums I used the evenings to catch up on The Vampire Diaries. I’m now half way through season 6. I’ve been watching that programme since the very beginning and despite being so behind I’m still loving it. I will always be team Elena and Stefan.

Life/General Things

Last month I ate in 3 awesome restaurants in London. Ma Plucker in Soho, Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton and The Breakfast Club. I finally got to eat in a breakfast club and oh it did not disappoint me. I had the pancakes with berries for breakfast and it was so good! The Red Dog Saloon was so good, we ate massive burgers, yummy onion rings and possibly the best coleslaw I’ve ever eaten!

I used Amazon Now for the first time this week and it was amazing! I was feeling lazy, Clem hasn’t been very well, and I had a lot to do but we really needed nappies and a few other bits so I ordered them on amazon using the 2 hour delivery service. It actually came just over an hour after placing the order. So impressed, and I didn’t need to leave the house. Perfect.



  1. Awww thanks for mentioning me lovely!! And yay to going on travels and to meeting up at Brit Mums – whoop! Those pancakes look awesome too 🙂

    1. Oh my those pancakes were AHMAZING! So good, I am definitely a fan of The Breakfast Club now. Can’t wait for Brit Mums.

  2. I’m enjoying these! So glad you stumbled across the chat, we love having you!
    I’m a massive vampire diaries and Game of Thrones girl! We shall have lots to chat about at BML! ?? xxx #TribalLove

  3. yay will be fab to meet you at BML and yay to tribal chat – isn’t it fab?! I’ve seen girl gang about not known much about them – will go check them out. Also I love the sound of The Londoner so will check her out too! Totally agree on Emma’s post – beautiful photography! #triballove x

    1. Girlgang is great, it’s a bit like tribe actually, just fellow bloggers supporting others. Watch out with the londoner, her life is insane.

  4. Enjoyed your post. I’m glad someone else likes the vampire diaries. I’ve watched everything but last season. And I’m glad you joined up with #tribalchat it’s always nice to meet new people. #TribalLove

    1. Oh yes I’ve been watching Vampire Diaires since it started, love it, as well as The Originals. Yes it is good to meet new people 😀

  5. Ah, what a great idea! Night have to give it a go myself. Love that Dorkface post too… I had never thought about clicking the ads. Some really useful tips in their; thanks for sharing! #triballove

  6. What a fab idea. I would say that I’d like to do a monthly round up but I’m definitely a random blogger so couldn’t commit. #triballove

    1. It really is, and everyone has been super friendly and supportive 😀 Yes this season of GoT has been amazing, can’t wait to see what happens next!

  7. I haven’t tried Amazon Now yet, but I really ought to take a look at it. I’m also enjoying Game of Thrones, although I still can’t tell who is who, aha x

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