February Instagram Roundup


How on earth is it March already?! February was quite a busy month for us with lots of exciting things that happened so thanks to instagram here is a little look back at the month.

february 1

1. Tulips. I am obsessed with them.

2. Coheed and Cambria gig.

3. Valentine’s goodies from Lush. I love the unicorn horn.

4. Clem exploring the flower beds outside our building.

february 2

5. The amazing view from the Sky Garden.

6. Yummy treats from Borders Bakeshop.

7. Beautiful Sandycove in Dublin.

8. Clem in our local park. I bent down to take the photo so she copied me.

february 3

9. Bagels and hot chocolate in a local coffee shop.

10. More tulips.

11. Another one from Sandycove featuring a double rainbow!

12. Cheese and cocktails in our local Bills Restaurant.

March is looking pretty quite in comparison but that will be quite nice. It will certainly give me a chance to catch up on things. We’ve started doing a spot of DIY and I’ve been cooking and baking more so expect some of that to come up over the next few weeks.

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