Goodbye February, Hello March


As we say goodbye to February, it’s hard to believe it’s March. This year seems to be flying by so quickly. We’ve now lived in Hove for almost 4 months and yet it still feels like we only moved in yesterday.

Clem has started at a local pre-school two mornings a week, and she is loving it. Over the last few months she has really grown and changed. She’s pretty much potty-trained, and wearing what she calls her big girl pants during the day. So far we’ve only had 1 accident, which is really good. She also had her 30 month developmental check with the health visitor and everything was good with that too. Her personality is coming through in new ways each day, as is her speech. We really have to be careful what we say at the moment as she is repeating everything she hears.

beach huts swimmer sea goodbye february

As usual we’ve been down to the beach quite a bit. I just love the beach huts all along the seafront, and I’m constantly taking photos of all the different colours and patterns. We even spotted a man braving the cold sea for a swim one day. It was quite a stormy day as well, so I was quite surprised to see anyone venturing into the sea. I’ve continued to fill the house with tulips, adding brightness to a lot of the grey wet days we have been having lately.

With Clem being at school two mornings a week, I’ve been getting more mama time which is great. Although I should probably spend it more wisely, I’ve just been relaxing and enjoying the peace. I’ve now got my blogging space pretty much organised which is great. No more blogging from the sofa, where I always end up getting distracted. Brighton still continues to steal my heart, and I love just wandering around discovering new places and areas. Although the beach is definitely my favourite.

Mama got a new hair cut! After growing out my fringe and an asymmetrical cut for what feels like forever, I had a fringe cut back in. But I’m also rocking the mum bob, it’s easy and I love it. I also have normal coloured hair again, but I can’t guarantee that will stay. We are slowly re-decorating and doing little bits to the house. I love the way the lounge is looking. I’ve also attempted a little bit of gardening, well if you count removing spiky bushes from the flower beds as gardening. Hopefully we can get some plants/vegetables growing in time for summer.

I can’t wait to see what March brings us! Goodbye February.

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  1. Lovely February round up!!! The pictures are lovely and I really like the layout of this post. Sorry that’s a bit boring but I felt compelled to say it. Anyway, I am very jealous, we lived in Hove for 7 years but had to move inland (2014) as we needed a bigger house and couldn’t afford it in Hove. We only moved 10 miles out but I miss Hove so much, it is a brilliant place to bring up children. Many an hour have I spent wandering the sea front with a pushchair. I hope you enjoy living there. xx #DreamTeam

  2. I’m absolutely loving your photos at the moment – capturing Brighton at its best! So lovely to hear about your month, it sounds like everything is going so well. Hope to meet up soon 🙂 Thanks for linking up the #dreamteam x

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