Hello July – Summer is finally here


I know I am a little bit late doing this given that we are already a week into July. Exactly half way through the year!! How has that happened? I love doing these little Instagram roundups, they are a great way of looking back over the last month.

So here is how June looked according to Instagram.

There is nothing better than Brighton in the sun, and June was definitely a sunny month. I was lucky enough to have afternoon tea at the Harbour Hotel on the seafront with some other lovely Brighton Bloggers including Bridie. Despite us living in the same town now, it’s actually been a year since we last saw each other which is silly! The hotel is lovely, and it’s definitely somewhere I would recommend to people. The view from the rooms on the front was stunning. There will be a full review coming up over the next week.

Mmmm food. June contained a lot of yummy food. The mega greek salad was actually from a pub in central Brighton. Everyone else picked burgers but I really fancied a salad. I didn’t expect it to be quite that big! One of the things we like to do on a weekend is to go out for lunch as a family. Neither Brighton or Hove are short of places to pick. One recent find is Lala’s cafe on George Street in Hove. We only had sandwiches but the chicken and avocado one was delicious. We will definitely be going back again soon. It also has a super cute roof terrace for sunnier days.

june roundup music

Did someone turn the lights out
Or is it just another dark cloud in my head?

Help – Papa Roach

Music is a huge part of my life, and one of the biggest things I enjoy. I love going to gigs and June did not disappoint. I saw one of my favourite bands twice in one day. It did mean missing another favourite band but it was worth it. To see Papa Roach in such a small venue – twice was amazing! It was the hottest day of the year, and we were in a sweaty nightclub in Kingston but it was worth it. We also went to see Bat Sabbath – aka Cancer Bats play in Brighton. I love living within walking distance of a town where bands play. It makes a change from having to run for the last tube/train to get home.

Lastly are my days out with Clem. We both love exploring our area, and June was full of that. From windy days on the beach where we couldn’t even stand to sunny days in the park. It’s been great. The graffiti in our local park changes almost weekly at the moment. I think Batman has already been replaced so we might go and check that out tomorrow.

July has already started off well with our holiday to France, more on that soon. Plus we also had Clems sports day and preschool outing today. Don’t forget to check out my instagram to see more of what we get up.

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  1. I have never been to Brighton but reading yours and Bridie’s posts I really want to go! It sounds like there has been so much going on there. Even the graffiti is awe inspiring! Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam and happy July! x

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