Pom Pom is Super by Sophy Henn Review


The wonderful Sophy Henn has produced another fantastic book about Pom Pom the panda. We are massive fans of Sophy, in fact we now have all of her books. Clem loves looking at them and I enjoy reading them to her. The illustrations are always bright and colourful and the stories are great.

Pom Pom is back and this time he’s super!

inside shot of pom pom is super

This time around Pom Pom is throwing a party, and he is super excited. But when his friends start to arrive they are all dressed as superheroes. Pom Pom decides he would quite like to be a superhero too, but he doesn’t know what he is super at. A super-duper tidy-upper, a biscuit juggler or something else? This is another great book from Sophy, all about friendships and finding your own talent. Yet again Clem loved the illustrations and bright colours. She got all excited as soon as it arrived, and immediately ran to the sofa to check it out.

Pom Pom is Super is out on August 4th, priced £6.99 for paperback or £10.99 for hardback.

*For the purpose of this review we were provided with a copy of the book but all words are my own.

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