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It’s been over 19 months since Clem was born and we are still breastfeeding! I’m actually amazed we made it 2 weeks let alone 19 months. I’ve written before about the beginning of our breastfeeding journey and I feel like this post is the beginning of the end. Clem is definitely wanting it less than she used to. If she’s ill then it increases but now it’s mainly just at bedtime and the occasional point during the day. Usually when she is tired and we are out and she’s finding it hard to nap. Other times it’s just for comfort.


Despite the hard beginning I am incredibly proud and amazed we’ve made it this long. I honestly never expected to still be going. I love the closeness it brings, and the little things she now does. Before when she was younger it was just boob, milk. Now she strokes my arm or face, pulls at my lips and face which can be quite annoying, especially if we are in public. She also loves to just dive down my top and grab a handful which again, fine at home not so great when sat in a coffee shop with friends or eating at a restaurant. But hey if she needs to eat, she needs to eat.

I remember the first few times I had to feed Clem in public. I was really nervous about doing it, especially as she hated being covered up. In the end I realised that no one really takes any notice of you. I’ve learnt to do it discreetly enough and as long as I wear a vest top under whatever I’m wearing then I’m fine. I have had a few bad experience whilst breastfeeding in public which isn’t great. You often read about women being told to stop, it’s disgusting and I’ve probably had the occasional stare but the only really bad thing that sticks in my mind was this one time when I was sat in the car in the car park of tesco. Jess was shopping with his mum and I was sat in the car feeding Clem and a man knocked on the window shook his finger/hand at me and looked angry before walking off. I didn’t really have time to process what had happened or even react. I was just confused by the whole thing. I’ve breastfed pretty much everywhere now on a ferry, in a park, restaurant – even in the Sky Garden in London! That was probably the best view I’ve had whilst doing it.

I will definitely miss it when we eventually stop but they are also somethings that I’m looking forward to. I won’t be restricted to wearing boob access friendly clothes all the time, skater dresses can become a part of my wardrobe again. My body will start to feel like mine again. Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved breastfeeding Clem but it’s hard work. The body does an amazing thing, for the first 6 months of her life I kept Clem alive, fit and healthy all by the power of boob. I’m really glad we carried on and didn’t give up. Although the on demand feeding starts to take its toll after a while, the cluster feeds at the beginning felt like a lifetime. The soreness which everybody warns you about but definitely can’t prepare you for.

Has anyone else breastfed for this long? Do you miss it or could you not wait to stop? I’d love to know your experiences so please fee free to leave a comment.


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  1. Thats a huge achievement…I lasted 4 month which was the right time for me to stop. And I’m all about embracing everyones own personal decision when it comes to breastfeeding. xx

  2. Wow, you’re amazing to have fed for this long – well done you! We’re at 8 months and no plans to stop any time soon. I’m extremely lucky that I’ve had such a great time breastfeeding and aside from a few blocked ducts, we’ve not encountered any problems! I don’t have an “end” date in mind, but like you, when we do finally stop, I’m looking forwars to shopping for clothes and not having to ask ‘can i get my boobs out in this?’ #marvmondays

    1. Thank you. I originally hoped to last a year so the fact we are still going is great. 8 months is fab, and that’s great that you had such a wonderful breastfeeding experience. Haha yep my other half even looks at clothes now and says no you can’t wear that yet! x

  3. Little B is 17 months old this month and we’re still going strong. I probably ought to think about weaning him off soon, but it all seems like such hard work! I fed BB until she was 21 months so we’ll see how we go…with a bit of luck he’ll start to wean himself off… #marvmondays

    1. That’s amazing, well done! I know what you mean, I did try to wean Clem but she was having none of it so I’ve just left it.x

  4. I LOVE that you’re still breastfeeding! I loved it with A but only did it for 3 months as I had such a lack of support and in the end it was too much. Yet when I’d stopped, I totally regretted it but couldn’t get the milk flowing again. This time I’m adamant to carry on for as long as I can and stories like this just spur me on. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    1. Aww thank you. It definitely helps if you have a good support network around you as it can be very hard work. I also found it to be quite a lonely time at the beginning, especially during the cluster feeding period but after that it was fine. x

  5. My first & I also had a rocky start and it wasn’t until about eight weeks that we finally started to get the hang of it- I couldn’t believe we got it to work! I planned to nurse for a year… We were still nursing at four and a half years when my LO finally stopped (because I was pregnant w my second)! o.O
    Now my second and I are still going strong at (almost) eleven months with no signs of stopping.
    Way to go all you mamas- nursing is one of the most challenging physical (and mental) struggles I’ve ever endured as well as the best gift I’ve given my kids.

    1. It definitely is one of the most challenging things I’ve done. There have been many times I’ve felt like giving up but I’m glad I haven’t. x

  6. Congratulations mama. I stopped feeding Rosalie at 14 months old when I first found out I was pregnant again. I wanted there to be a gap behind Rosalie feeding and the new baby. I then went on to have a miscarriage so it didn’t matter anyway. I wish I had carried on now and let it ru. It’s course xx

  7. I cannot believe that man did that to you – that’s your personal space and besides, you can feed your child wherever you bloody well want to! That’s made me so angry, rude, rude, rude! Urgh.
    Well done on BF for so long, I wish I had managed to go for longer but I’m trying not to get too upset about it 🙂
    You should be so pleased and proud though, that’s amazing!
    X X

  8. I can’t believe that man was so rude to you! Horrid! I breastfed my eldest for 19 months, he weaned during my second pregnancy, I was quite sad when it ended and wrote a little post about it last year ( in case you want a gander!) My second I’ve been feeding for almost 18 months, I’m not pregnant this time though so will be interesting to see how long he goes on for x

    1. Oh I will go and check out your post. I love reading about other peoples experiences and feelings about breastfeeding. Well done for doing so well with both of them.x

  9. Gosh, that is amazing. I was never able to breast feed Little Miss H for a variety of reasons. So I am a little in awe of anyone who has breastfed for this long. One of my best friends breast fed her son until he was two and a half. He self weaned because she was pregnancy with their second child. She was devastated because she had all these images of tandem feeding. But I guess when the breast feeding journey comes to an end. Then it comes to an end. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    1. Thank you. I almost gave up after a few days so to still be going is great. It’s definitely one of, if not the hardest thing I’ve done. Wow two and half is a long time! x

  10. What a horrible, horrible man!!! You’ve done amazingly well. I fed Lamb breastmilk in a bottle so haven’t experience negativity towards feeding in public but I won’t let bad stories put me off breast feeding baby number 2 (if he latches!) xx

  11. My mil breastfed for about 2 or maybe 3 years with her youngest. I am so envious of those who have succeeded longer than a year. a year was my marker that I wanted to reach.

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