Weekend in Dublin


Last weekend we were in Dublin visiting family. In total there were 23 of us! It was also the first time Clementine had met most of them! The journey to Dublin was rather epic – we set off at 7am and actually arrived to our hotel at 8pm! We were travelling with other family members and we all drove up to Holyhead to get the ferry over to Dublin. However shortly after getting on the M40 there was an accident and we sat still on the motorway for over 2 hours, which meant we missed our original ferry. Luckily we managed to book onto the next one but by that time the weather had turned horrible and we all felt seasick for the 2 hour crossing! Not great but after that the whole weekend was amazing. ferry dublin

We were staying in Killiney, just south of Dublin. On Saturday we headed into Dublin centre, which would have been better if the weather hadn’t been so terrible. It was raining so heavy when we arrived that we sort of just rushed around and didn’t really get to see much. We went to Sandycove on Sunday which is a really pretty area. The weather was strange, super sunny but also raining which meant there was a rainbow for the majority of the day. The sea looked amazing, so blue! I’ve never been to Ireland before but I would definitely go back. Here are a few other photos of the weekend.


sandycove rocks

swimmers divers

sandycove beach

killiney park

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