10 Apps I Use The Most


I recently got an iPhone 7 for my birthday and I don’t actually know where I would be without it. Yes, I know that sounds really bad but I use it for everything. The camera is amazing, I listen to podcasts and music on it. We even had our boarding passes on it when we went on holiday! So I thought I would do a run down of my favourite apps that I use on my iPhone. If you are on android I am sorry as I don’t know the availability of every app on that.

10 Apps I Love

  • Instagram – Starting with an obvious one here but I am addicted to instagram. I’ve been on it for ages with an account for my blog and a personal one. It’s definitely my favourite of the social media apps to use. I’m getting a little bit addicted to taking photos, and one of my 2017 Blogging + Life Goals is to use my cameras more. So look out for more beach spam on there. Sorry.
  • WordPress – My blog is WordPress based so this is excellent, and really handy for times when I can’t get on my laptop. If I get an idea for a new post I can quickly type it in to drafts, save it and come back to it. You can also moderate comments and add photos to posts straight from your phone.
  • Spotify – I love music, and I think Spotify is amazing. I love creating playlists and I have them for everything including cleaning! I also love the fact you can hide what you are listening to so your friends don’t need to find out about your love for Destinys child and N*sync. Or that might just be me.
  • Skype – we live 200 miles away from our families so this is great. It means Clem can jabber away to her nanas any time she wants to. Whilst it’s not always great quality it is easy to use.
  • Twitter – again I’m fairly sure everyone has this one. It’s great if you have multiple accounts as well, you can switch between them really easily.
  • VSCO cam – Again another camera app but seriously this one is amazing. I love it. It’s one I use a lot when editing photos. You can do so much with it. If you love taking photos on your phone then get this seriously. It’s also available for android.
  • Whatsapp – where on earth would we all be without whats app and those group chats. It’s amazing. I have a friend who goes to America a lot and it’s great as we can still keep in touch and it doesn’t cost a fortune.
  • Canva – This is fairly new as an app but it’s become a lifesaver. It’s great for making graphics for blogs and social media posts when you can’t always use a laptop/pc. It’s also super easy to use.
  • Pinterest – I can literally waste hours of my day on this. We recently bought a new home which means I have been busying pinning away ideas and inspiration for every room. One of my aims this year is to use it more for my blog.
  • Buffer – I’ve only recently started using this and it’s really handy for scheduling tweets and posts to twitter and facebook. There is an option to upgrade your account as well, although I haven’t done that yet I might soon.

So those are my top 10 apps I use the most. Do you have any favourites? Or any you think I am missing? Please let me know and I will check them out.10 apps pinterest


    1. Ah it’s great but it did take some getting used to. I just play around with the different filters and settings until I get the photo to look nice. I’ve also bought quite a few of the extra filter packs on there. This is a really good place to start.

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