Blogging and Life Goals – An Update


So back at the beginning of the year I wrote this post. It included a few blogging and life goals I wanted to achieve this year. As we are now half way through the year, I decided to do a quick update and see how I am getting on.


Blogging Goals

Number 1 was blogging. I wanted to post more frequently, write about things I like and the things we have been up to. I think it’s fairly safe to say I have been posting more frequently, and I’ve been writing about things that interest me and what we’ve been up to.

Number 2 – being more organised. Well so far this is yes and no. Yes I’m a bit more organised with my blog. I post more, and I’m actually finishing those drafts instead of them sitting there unfinished for weeks/months. I bought a planner which I make all pretty and it has helped. As for the house, I’m not more organised on that front. We still need storage for Clems toys which are everywhere. I did manage to have a little clear out though so she has slightly less toys now.

Number 3 – Increase page views and social media followings. Now I know I have stated many times that I am not a numbers girl, honestly I’m not but I would have liked a few more readers/followers. Well I think I’ve achieved this, when I wrote that post I had 257 twitter followers as of right now writing this post I have 697. I did have over 700 but you know how it is.

My Facebook page is still my worst social media channel.  I constantly forget about it so I’m not surprised no one follows it. My Instagram has 450 which is lovely as it’s by far my favourite of them all. I really need to post more on there. I’ve also joined in with a few twitter chats which has been great. Each month I am getting more views and visitors than the previous one so I’m achieving that as well.

Life Goals

Number 4 – Photography. I wanted to improve, I’m getting there. I take photos almost every day. I’ve even been taking videos of Clem which has been fun as well. I said I wanted to get to 500 followers on Instagram by the end of the year, well I’m only 50 off and we are only half way so now I am aiming for 1000. I doubt that will happen but who knows, I thought 500 would be pushing it.

Number 5 and 6 – socialise and do more. Clem stopped going to nursery which meant she wasn’t getting to interact with other children so we started going to classes and groups. She loves it, and seeing her have fun is great. Yes I have days where I don’t feel like going but it’s for her not me. I have also booked a ticket to BritMums Live. Is any one else going to #BML16? Please say hello if you are.

Number 7 – cook more. I’m definitely doing this. I’ve been trying out all sorts of new recipes and foods which is great. I absolutely love cooking and baking, and one thing I wanted to do was use the slow cooker more which I have also been doing. I have a few more food/recipes posts planned for the future.

Number 8 – Try and learn a new skill/hobby. This is probably the only thing I haven’t even attempted yet, but it’s ok I have another 6 months before the end of the year to work on this goal.

So overall I don’t think I’ve done too badly. I’m not usually one who sets goals and resolutions but I’ve done most of these without even thinking about it which is good. For the next 6 months I would love to continue growing my social media followers and blog readers, improve on my photography and learn something new. Fingers crossed it won’t be too hard!

Did anyone else set themselves goals/targets at the beginning of the year? How are you getting on?


  1. You’re doing great lovely and can’t wait to meet you at BML16 soon! I have similar goals with increasing the following, and focussing on email subscribers at the moment. I read somewhere to focus on one social media channel at a time, so I don’t think it’s bad at all that Facebook isn’t as strong…I think that’s my area of improvement too. What a fab 6 months you’ve had, imagine where you’ll be at the end of the year 🙂 xx #triballove #ablogginggoodtime

  2. Hey lovely – I think you are doing so well and your blog is looking great. I think you will soon be soaring and reaching goals you never thought possible. So excited to meet you this weekend #bml16 rulllleeesss!!!

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime #triballove

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