A Few of my Favourite Things 4


I am back with another round-up of my favourite things from the last month. This month features some blog posts, tv shows, a few stationery bits and a little bit of what we’ve been up to.

Favourite Blog Posts

10 ways to find blog readers by Islandliving 365 has some great tips on finding new readers. Linkies are a great way of not only gaining new readers but also finding new blogs to read.

Ditching the negative vibes by Bridiebythesea is a great post. As someone who often has those little negative thoughts on a daily basis this was a post I needed to read. In fact Bridget has been killing it lately with her blog. It’s fast becoming a favourite one of mine.

I have been following this for a while now, but if you haven’t it’s great. Basically a lady takes photos of herself and a cardboard cutout of Luke Skywalker. Eventually she meets the real Mark Hamill. It’s brilliant, Meandorla is one lucky lady!


We got slightly obsessed with the new Netflix show Stranger Things and ended up watching all 8 episodes over just a few nights.

Mr Robot season 2 started, and whilst we haven’t started it yet we plan on watching the first few episodes this week.

Game of Thrones finished last month 🙁 and what an end! I can’t wait for next summer and series 7 now.

Last weekend it was Comic Con in San Diego which despite having never been, is one of my favourite things. It’s where all the new film and tv trailers get announced, including the trailer for American Gods.

Pokemon Go came out and quite literally took the world by storm!! Seriously I can’t go ten feet from my house without seeing someone, be it an adult or kid playing it. Now I am a massive Pokemon fan, I even have a pikachu onesie but I would much rather play the real game on my DS. Although I do admit it does seem to be a good way of keeping active. There is a lot of walking involved if you want to hatch those eggs. I’ve definitely seen a different type of person in my local park since it came out!


We also had another lovely day out down in Brighton. The weather was perfect.

toddler girl on brighton beach


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely mention – I’m so chuffed to be on your list of fave blogs 🙂 xxx

  2. I also enjoyed the islandliving365 post as well! And yes Pokémon Go has gotten so big. I downloaded it at the beach try out. Thanks for sharing!#TribalLove

  3. A lovely round-up post. Thank you for including me. I am now going to have to check out the Netflix ones too!

    1. Stranger Things is awesome! Mr Robot is actually on Amazon video which I just realised I forgot to say. Opps. Both are worth a watch.x

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