Goodbye 2019 – Final Roundup


2019 was admittedly a pretty quiet year on the blog. I started off with good intentions but in the end I barely posted. However that doesn’t mean that we didn’t do a lot. We did. I usually do round up posts for each month, or in last years case 2 months in one. So if you would like to see what we got up to each month below is a list to them all.

This was at the point where I let my blogging slip and I haven’t actually written about the last 3 months of the year. Partly because we didn’t really do a lot. It was pretty rainy, Autumn had definitely hit. Clem also went back to school in September, she is now in year 1 and loving it. It took her a few weeks to adjust to the change but she seems to be coping well. Her reading has probably seen the biggest improvement. She loves it.

So here is how the last few months of 2019 looked.

In October I went up to London for a Pinterest session that was organised by Vix Meldrew. I joined her Grow Glow membership in the hopes of re-igniting my passion for blogging. And to be honest it has. I’ve given the blog a little make over. The Pinterest event was in partnership with actual Pinterest and it was really interesting. I absolutely love using it but I never really knew how I could use it for blogging. I used to just blindly pin random house inspo and hair styles. For some reason I only took photos of the food which was really good.

November was a very quiet month despite being my birthday. We didn’t do anything special, although Jesse did get me a gift voucher for a meal at Etch which we really need to book! I’ve been wanting to go there since it opened so I cannot wait. December was slightly busier. I went up to London to see the musical Dear Evan Hansen which was very emotional.

It tackles some pretty heavy subjects for a musical – suicide, anxiety, loneliness. They aren’t the usual topics you would expect a musical to cover but they did it really well. The set was really clever, and it makes you think about the way we all use social media. London always looks great at Christmas time. I love seeing all the Christmas lights and festive decorations.

Overall 2019 was a good year for us, and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2020.

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