January 2019 Look Back


Yes I am about to do that blogger cliche and say how is it already February?! Although to be honest January did feel like it was 94 days long so I’m glad it’s finally over. It was also the month I finally logged back onto here and started writing again. I wrote a grand total of 4 posts this month, well 5 if you include this one.

At the beginning of the month we decided to try and go veggie for the month. I know a lot of people were taking part in Veganuary but I love cheese too much for that. Well it’s now the end of the month and I have to say we did really well. It forced me to cook different things which was nice, and one of my favourite things I made was this noodle soup. It was really tasty and easy to make. I also wrote about our visit to Cin Cin for my birthday. It only took me two months. Winter can be depressing and grey but we actually had a bit of sunshine so I decided to take full advantage of that and head for a little walk along the pier and seafront. You can see more from that here.

January was a pretty quiet month up until Jesse’s birthday and then we suddenly had a super busy week.

He decided to take the whole week off of work which was nice, especially as Clem was at school during the day. It gave us a chance to do things like we used to do. I decided to take Jess out for lunch as a birthday treat. On Mondays The Chilli Pickle does a £10 thali deal at lunchtime. Both of us love Indian food, and we have been wanting to go here for ages.

We decided to book just incase it was busy, it wasn’t when we arrived but by the time we had finished it was almost full. Upon arrival I immediately noticed the bright colourful decor, it’s pretty hard to miss! The menu had quite a few choices on considering it was just thalis on offer. As we are trying to eat less meat this month I decided on an aubergine curry and Jess opted for a cod one. As the other tables around us got their food I was getting excited. It looked so good.

The waiter talked us through everything in the thali, and I will admit I have forgotten everything. However my aubergine peanut curry was amazing, and the grated carrot and coconut was delicious. There was also a mini dessert, which I can best describe as a mini rice pudding with crumbled lotus biscoff biscuits on the top. I was worried it would be really heavy but it wasn’t, and went perfectly with the rest of the meal.

We also went to see a few bands with some friends. We don’t get the chance to go to gigs as a couple that often now, although I ended up standing upstairs on the balcony and Jess was downstairs closer to the stage. So we didn’t actually spend that much time together in the end! We went to see Cancer Bats who were supported by Underside from Nepal and Bleed From Within. It was a shame that the gig was an early start as the venue didn’t really fill up until Cancer Bats took to the stage.

Brighton has a great music scene and we definitely don’t take advantage of that enough.

I’ve got a few other gigs lined up over the year, which I will be sharing. I would love to know if you have any gigs or exciting trips planned. We are starting February with a little trip to Devon, so look out for that on here and Instagram soon.

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