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If you are a regular reader of the blog you might have noticed we are big fans of books. We read to Clem every night as part of the bed time routine. She is also a massive fan of them, she loves to grab a book or 3 to look at during the day. Usually setting herself up on the sofa with a pile or sprawled out across the living room floor. We regularly visit our local library as well. So I thought it would be nice to do a little round-up the books we have been reading this summer.

the books we have been reading this month

First up we have Peppa Goes to the Library. Clem is a massive Peppa fan, she has numerous toys, books and would probably watch it all day long if I let her. At least with books she is learning so it’s not too bad. Peppa is bored with all her books (probably a lot like Clem!) so she goes to the library in search of new and exciting ones. I picked it up in our local The Works  store which has actually closed down which is a shame as its great for kids books and arts and crafts bits.

Second is Go Jetters Summer at Stonehenge. Clem loves watching the Go Jetters on CBeebies, it’s actually one of the shows I don’t mind as well. Mainly because of Ubercorn. It’s sees the Go Jetters jetting off to Stonehenge to enjoy the Summer Solstice. Unfortunately Grandmaster Glitch has other plans and its up to the Go Jetters to save Stonehenge and the Summer Solstice.

Next up is probably my favourite book I’ve bought Clem so far. Steven Seagull Action Hero by Elys Dolan. I am a massive fan of 80’s and 90’s films/culture including Steven Segal, Under Seige is definitely a guilty pleasure film. As soon as I saw this I had to get it.

steven seagull cover and inside shot of the book

It’s all about a retired renegade cop who rejoins the force to help save the beach from the bad guy – Claude Von Crab! Seriously this book is amazing, there are so many references to films and tv shows it’s great. Obviously this is more for the parents but Clem seemed to enjoy it as well.

We’ve been going down to Brighton quite a bit over the summer thanks to house hunting and visiting family so we’ve spent a bit of time at the beach. On one of those trips we also took a few books with us to keep Clem occupied on the journey. One of the ones we picked was Hey Duggee – A Day at the Beach. We are huge fans of Duggee, and we love reading about the adventures he gets up to with the squirrel club.

hey duggee at the beach bookThis book is actually based on one my favourite episode from series 1 of the tv show. The squirrel club help two crabs build a magnificent new sand castle home. If you have little ones who love Duggee then this is a great read. You also get your very own sandcastle making badge at the end to add to your collection.

Last up we have Pom Pom is Super. Clem really does love that little panda. We’ve already reviewed this one before but it’s been a big hit over the summer.

I’ve also included a sneaky read of my own. I don’t get a lot of time to sit and ready books which is a shame as I love doing it. However my concentration at the moment isn’t great so this is where magazines come in handy. I can pick them up, put them down and come back a week later and it doesn’t matter if I’ve lost my place. I recently found out about Blogosphere magazine.

I’ve now bought two issues and it’s great. Not only are they full of handy hints and tips but it’s written by bloggers. They showcase different blogs each month, all in different niches. I’ve really enjoyed finding loads of new blogs to read. The latest issue came with a chart of all the Twitter chats that go on throughout the week which is really handy. I like taking part in them but always forget which ones are on when. I will definitely continue getting this

Have you read any good books this Summer, either for kids or adults. I really want to start reading more myself so would love any recommendations. I’ve been reading Gone Girl for about a year now so I really should finish that at some point!


  1. Right there with you on Ubercorn! Love him! We’re also big Pom-Pom fans in this house – M’s only really interested in books she can “do herself” right now, but she makes an exception for Pom-Pom.

  2. Ooh love book recommendations and I too am a übercorn fan will have to hunt down the books (kind of educational?!) I am loving re reading five minutes peace and other Large Family books to my little one but our go to book is Usbourne First Experiences every child should have a copy.#dreamteam

  3. We also have read to Archie every night since before he could even remember. Some fab books here, we’re looking to update his collection a bit now he’s getting older, though I don’t think we’ll ever get rid of Each, Peach, Pear, Plum. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. xo

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